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Spotting talent to help you grow your business

Our Capabilities

At Spot Solutions, our core capability lies in providing comprehensive technological coverage to any solution or program. While crucial elements such as strategy, design, project management, and business analysis are essential from the initiation stage, the design, development, and execution are paramount in delivering an end-to-end solution. ​

This is where Spot Solutions excels, stepping in to implement and finalise the solution with precision and expertise. We bridge the gap between conceptualisation and execution, ensuring seamless integration and successful outcomes for your projects.​

With our decades of experience, we have learned how to find, nurture, grow and retain talent, ensuring our team are leaders in their field.​

Spot Technical Capabilities
Spot People

Spot Solutions boasts a robust network of specialists predominantly based in Australia and New Zealand. Our trusted network has been built over 20 years of networking in the industry and finding talent at all experience levels, from graduates to seasoned veterans.​

Our consultants possess extensive experience working with us and undergo thorough vetting for their professional and technical expertise before being assigned to our clients.​

Our team of experts can offer a range of services, including full-stack engineering, cloud architecture, data science, data engineering, and product specialization.

We are highly adaptable and can cater to your specific technology needs with ease.​

Our People

Our Technological Competencies

Our team has extensive experience working with multiple cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, and GCP and is highly proficient in various data vendor solutions such as Databricks, Snowflake, Informatica, Alation, dbt, etc. ​

Spot Solutions Expertise and Competencies
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