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Technological innovation and development have become exponentially rapid and complex, with an organisation’s ability to maintain the appropriate mix of infrastructure, hardware and vendor support for applications becoming increasingly costly and demanding.

This has seen the rise of PaaS, SaaS, IaaS models and various hybrids thereof in response and the evolution of operating IT infrastructure and applications from Capex to Opex-based commercial models. 

However whilst the long term advantages of cloud based models are clear, businesses are still left in a difficult position whereby they clearly recognise the need to migrate, but have limited transparency in respect to the complexity, risk posed to business critical applications and the associated strategic migration plan to address these factors and individual business nuances.

Spot - Single Point Of Truth

Consequently, organisations have been left to engage directly with cloud providers to assist this process, despite their conflicting interests being centred around ensuring as much usage on their particular product platform, along with the associated costs. 


Alternatively, organisations can leverage the expertise of technology and management consultants to undertake workshops with their technology and application teams to gain a view of the risk and complexity factors related to a proposed migration state. However, this option involves  extended periods of time, encumbers company business and technical resources, whilst being hard to manage given differing stakeholder locations, as well as the solution outcomes being  based on limited subjective interactions and  as a result, inconsistent outcomes. 

SPOT Xplorator was built as a “best of breed” solution designed to address the afore mentioned challenges, by leveraging a variety of integrated propriety tools that have proven to deliver more consistent, accurate, cost effective, detailed and up to 90% more efficient in their implementation, migration and remediation roadmaps.   

So much so that organisations are able to undertake the assessment multiple times to ensure that any migration strategy roadmap’s currency is maintained.  

"Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing"

Warren Buffet

What is the Xplorator?


Xplorator is an algorithm-based data analytical tool that leverages AI to provide clients a 360-degree view of the factors, variables and characteristics impacting an organisation’s data landscape, but within the context of their individual business perspective.

Xplorator utilises a bot interface from which to engage organisational stakeholders to capture a combination of Qualitative and Quantitative data to feed and structure the AI’s questioning, decision making and informational gathering requirements.

The decision nodes produced are then empowered by the AI’s framework cortex to link all impacting factors so that an all-encompassing holistic solution view can be developed, detailing identified risks posed to the business by areas requiring remediation, relevant key stakeholders, the complexity and risks of undertaking any identified remediation action, the most appropriate remediation end state solution, as well as the potential costs and skill based competencies required.

Solution Process

The Spot Xplorator solution leverages a number of bespoke algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence and technology sets to undertake the following process:

Efficiently undertake system and application quantitative analysis no matter geolocation 

Stage 1


Initial Infrastructure Analysis


Determine the application hierarchy structural approach to be utilised and the environment to be analysed

Stage 2


Hierarchy Model


Establish business and geographical regional based rules  


Stage 3


Establish Business Rules

Creation of a consistent multi-layered risk and complexity migration roadmap that takes into account optimal cross platform combinations (i.e. Azure, AWS, Google), their sub-components, given key  application requirements and associated costs  

Stage 6



Risk | Complexity | Cost


Subject the collected data to the SeekZag series of scenario algorithmic analyses that reference baselines to identify potential outlier information for further re-evaluation and query   

Stage 5

Algorithmic Analysis


Automate the efficient collection of qualitative information via Spottie bot-based logic tree algorithm  

Stage 4


Spottie AI Bot


The Client Journey

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SPOT Solutions Continuous Improvement

The thing is, continuity of strategic direction and continuous improvement in how you do things are absolutely consistent with each other. In fact, they're mutually reinforcing


Michael Porter

The technology paradigm is extremely dynamic and continually evolving, as a result the solution SPOT Xplorator provides after analysis is most relevant given the variables and products available at the time of analysis.

Hence the truly unique ability of the SPOT Xplorator tool is that it is being continuously updated from a variable perspective to incorporate the everchanging characteristics of technology landscape in terms of provider capabilities and offerings.

This fact ensures that SPOT Xplorator solution outcomes remain technologically accurate and relevant over the passage of time and can be relied upon to deliver client desired business value.





We endeavor to pass these benefits onto existing clients by providing them a subscription-based model to provide periodic update and analysis, so that any prior remediation roadmaps and artefacts remain accurate and best in class.

This provides a point of reflection to inform company digital strategy makers, identify points of concern and facilitate organizational digital continual improvement.

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