You've heard of the Xplorator but didn't understand what it is?

SPOT Solutions is proud to share our propriety Xplorator tool after nearly 2 years of extensive development and testing.

S.P.O.T (Single Point Of Truth) Xplorator ('Pathfinder' in Latin) is an algorithm-based data analytical tool that leverages AI to provide clients a 360-degree view of the factors, variables and characteristics impacting an organisation’s data landscape, but within the context of their individual business rules and nuances.

Xplorator utilises a bot interface (AKA 'Spottie') from which to engage organisational stakeholders to capture a combination of Qualitative and Quantitative data to feed and structure the AI’s questioning, decision making and informational gathering requirements.

The decision nodes produced are then empowered by the AI’s framework cortex to link all impacting factors so that an all-encompassing holistic solution view can be developed detailing identified risks posed to the business by areas requiring remediation, relevant key stakeholders, the complexity and risks of undertaking any identified remediation action, the most appropriate remediation end state solution, as well as the potential costs and skill based competencies required.

Clients are provided insights and recommendations in the form of a granular in-depth report, supported by an interactive BI portal to ensure management and non-technical stakeholders have transparency of the factors impacted the organisation and can make informed decisions.

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