Successfully Navigating the Data Landscape Risk Maze

We all know you need to learn how to walk before you can run, however we frequently find that not only do organisations go straight into a sprint, they never even considered if the event they were running was a sprint, marathon or triathlon. 

Unfortunately, this ill-considered approach seems to be prevalent when organisations look at uplifting their data landscape, which normally results in the organisation being exposed to unnecessary risks, impact on operations, blown out budgets and poor outcomes. 

Xplorator addresses these issues by harnessing an AI that provides decision makers transparency to the risks posed to the organisation by the current state and doing nothing, as well as the cost, complexity and risks associated with addressing those areas of the data landscape that pose the greatest risk and/or opportunity for the organisation. 

This is presented in the format of an interactive C-Suite BI shown below, which is embedded within each client’s dedicated secured portal.

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