Remove your blinkers

Your organisation has decided to migrate a specific data server into a cloud environment and at the same time, upgrade its legacy SQL version.

You run different assessment tools to make sure your data platform can support and fully function within a new SQL version.

After a quick assessment you get the answer you were looking for, DB will maintain its functionality and can work with the new version.

So far so good, but…………. have you ever stopped to think what else may be impacted by the migration and version upgrade?

There are more than just technical elements that need to be evaluated and considered: Compliance, regulation, performance, integration, Geographical location and Business risk are just the tip of the iceberg of a wider data landscape view that needs to be understood .

Instead of running full speed towards your end goal without considering all paths available to you………. Stop, Assess, Plan, Act and Succeed!

Want to have visibility of all your options, understand your risks and see what value you can gain by properly evaluating your environment?

Give us a call and let us remove the blinkers blinding you to potential paths to success.

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