Nothing's wrong with On-Prem Architecture

When using the services of different cloud providers and consultancies, most of them will likely drive you towards cloud hosting.

They will highlight many benefits such as Scalability, Flexibility, Efficiency, Cost savings and many more… all true, all convincing, all make sense, BUT… did anyone ever asked you what is YOUR preference? Is your organisation ready / willing to host their data in the cloud, and more importantly, is it possible to achieve all the above (and potentially more) using On-Prem architecture?

Don’t get me wrong… Cloud has tremendous advantages and at some point, most organisations will find themselves using its services, but it’s not necessarily the ideal and only solution for everyone.

We keep hearing more and more clients, wishing for someone with an unbiased opinion, no ulterior motive and no hidden agenda behind their recommendations and approach for remediation.

Cloud or On-Prem, that’s not the point. Consider all options and explain the “why” and “what” is most appropriate for be it Cloud, On-Prem or a Hybrid of both.

At Spot Solutions:

  • We believe in Transparency

  • We believe in Honesty

  • We only care about our client’s best interests as we’re in this journey together

  • We believe in offering multiple options as we don’t think there’s only one way to move forward

  • We provide reasoning and justification for everything we say and don’t expect you to take our recommendations at face value

  • We love our approach to be challenged. If you think otherwise about anything we say, or would like to consider other options, challenge us and lets evaluate it together

  • And the best part, our brand new Xplorator engine does all the above, AUTOMATICALLY!

If your current vendor / advisor / consultant ticks all these boxes… than you’re probably in good hands.

On the other hand, if that list made you wonder about some things, why don’t you reach out to discuss your options?

Leave us a message or give us a call and lets set up a demo. #dataarchitecture #dataremediation #sqlanalysis #spotsolutions #spotxploraor #cloud #onprem #hybrid

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