Defined Reasons Make For Improved Decisions and Optimized Data Landscapes

When engaging clients we frequently encounter an initial response, that they have a "plan" to address the impact of legacy databases within their data landscape and digital transformation agenda.

However, these plans frequently don't start with clearly establishing the reasons individual to the organization for addressing legacy databases from a business and risk perspective.

Consequently, planning decisions undertaken without the desired end-state and core business reasoning definition, frequently result in prolonged, not fit for purpose project interventions that expose the business to unforeseen risk and cost implications.

SPOT Solutions provides clients an efficient, scalable yet granular means by which they can rapidly gain perspective and validation of the reasons and objectives of addressing legacy components within the data landscape.

With objective clarity established, clients are then able to vindicate their current plan, improve it or redevelop a plan to meet their true requirements.

In some cases we've found that client remediation plans can meet 70-85% of the organizational requirements, with SPOT Xplorator addressing the remaining granular gap(s) in terms of bespoke next steps, business risks, complexity and cost.

If you have an existing plan to address your current data landscape, please feel free to reach out for conversation, as at worst we can help with validating your approach and at best help assist with improving the plan.

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