Data infrastructure and its challenging value proposition

Enabling true data landscape digital transformation by bridging the gap between, finance, business and technology teams on how to address their digital data state

Technology and business organisational teams recognise the potential benefits of Digital Transformation, however contextualising these benefits in terms of core tangible value drivers for investment is often a more challenging proposition.

This can be clearly seen by the fact that found that the biggest barrier to digital transformation projects proceeding is the CFO and the ability to build a compelling financial investment case. 

Consequently, Digital Transformation is largely undertaken in a "piece meal" initiative manner that is frequently superficial in terms of providing targeted applications to stakeholders, as they're easier to internally sell. Unfortunately the underlying data infrastructure often fails to keep up with these initiatives and stakeholders expectations.

This results in organisations not being able to truly digitally transform, as well as exposing them to the performance limitations, security and risk to critical business operations associated with operating out of support databases. 

How SPOT can help you

SPOT Solutions is able to clearly and succinctly address this situation by providing clients an understanding of their current data landscape in terms of risk, complexity, cost and compliance, as well as their target optimal state. 

Furthermore SPOT develops a roadmap to remediate the identified shortfalls, which are addressed in terms of the individual organisation's business rules, governance requirements and business objectives. 

This provides the "bridge" between technology and finance teams by which both can understand the underlying issues facing the organisation in business terms of risk and performance, how to address these from a technical perspective, the cost to initiate and the benefits to the business of undertaking the remediation. 

Most importantly we advise clients on how they can establish realistic data landscape goals tailored to their individual business objectives, what clients need to do to next achieve these goals and costs associated. 

To get clarity on your data landscape and an independent objective understanding of your organisation's data potential, contact us to discuss. 

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