Partner Network

Working with Technology Leaders

SPOT Solutions utilises a partner network with validated competency specialisations in one or more of the following: 

•    Infrastructure remediation
•    Data environment remediation 
•    Cloud Migration 
•    Cyber Security 
•    Risk management and assurance
•    Digital Strategy / Transformation 

SPOT Solutions provide partners the opportunity to access and use the Xplorator AI driven platform, WhiteSource Opensource Cyber Security and Cloudify Orchestrator of Orchestration solutions. 

Business Partners at Work

"Truth is ever to be found in simplicity, and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things"

Isaac Newton

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The Xplorator provides ultimate transparency by identifying risk(s), quantifying the level of risk posed to an organisation, establishing the complexity required to address identified elements and providing consistent interrogatable remediation options unique to the client organisation and it's individual business requirements to address these elements.  

Partners utilising the Xplorator are able to decrease the risk posed to data remediation/transformation discovery projects, whilst increasing client value by requiring less "workshop" resources, decreasing client stakeholder time, decreasing client financial investment, increased client customisation and improved solution / deliverable outcome consistency, transparency and detail. 

SPOT Solutions providers partners dedicated training and support in utilising the tool and executing client engagements.  

If you would like to be considered to be part of the SPOT Solutions partner network, please contact us through the relevant channels.

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WhiteSource is an automated opensource security, management, remediation and license compliance platform. The solution enables organisations’ to proactively identify vulnerabilities and threats within opensource code libraries, within existing, in progress and planned builds. 

Given the scale of data scanned and monitored, WhiteSource automation prioritizes those threat and vulnerabilities for development/security team(s) to address, as well as providing best practice remediation intervention course of action. 

WhiteSource integrates client organisation policy requirements into the platform to ensure organisational compliance with any opensource licensing requirements, ensuring that the client organisation is not exposed potential legal/utilisation risks. 

The Forrester Wave report placed WhiteSource as the best in class solution for the automated identification, management, remediation and license compliance of opensource based threats/risks. 


Cloudify allows organisations an effortless transition to public cloud and cloud-native architecture by enabling them to automate their existing infrastructure alongside cloud native and distributed edge resources.

Cloudify allows users to manage different orchestration and automation domains, as part of one common CI/CD pipeline.

When it comes to cloud organisation, enterprises need to deploy services across multiple domains and resources.

Cloudify’s open-source service orchestration platform opens the door to this ability.

With Cloudify’s service orchestration tools, organisations can now design and build systems that can evolve and scale alongside company needs.

Cloudify’s compatibility with numerous vendors, as well as support for almost an unlimited number of domains, ensures that no vendor ‘lock-in’ occurs.

Better ability to orchestrate services opens the door for better innovation and agility while lowering costs.

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